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Prophetic Writings from

Walking in Jesus : His company of Prophets

The Prophetic & The Prophecy

Containing over 25 prophetic writings

The House

 August 2019

(Day 1) Trump will take it down, corruption you are done.

Fulfilling both calls- 8 years! He won!

There will be another Trump President…  and another comes through.

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for the news?!      

(Day 2) The phony media and fake news are already behind us, just a blurb on the wall.

 A calm so shocking ‘Another President Trump!’ before the correspondent's fall. 

Fake news backing is lacking, ties to corruption, a dirty deal.

 These political foes and all their wealth, will not find the inheritance to steal.   

But they will be left behind, their mouth aghast,

‘just a blurb on a wall, no history no path’.  

Get out now and run to The Light.

Turn back, repent, do it tonight! 

The printers have stopped, the ink has run dry.

‘The Word’ is the headlines, and ‘He Caught the Spy’.

You scream 'impeach', and hide behind your door,

I shall bring it down, and bring the enemy to the Floor.  

You think you are clever, that you can hide from Me?

Where can you go that I do not see?

"Nowhere" you say, and this is the truth. 

So nowhere shall you have, lo, nowhere was proof.    

For I AM the Law, and Only I grant appeal. 

You have been served; you can't make a deal.

When will you see, you blind guides, and your gavel?

My time is upon you, woe, it is you I unravel. 

You have lost the house; you abused your discretion.

The House will come back and pray before session. 

Corruption your over, perversion your through,

you thought one Trump was tough, wait for Trump Two.

Shall I hear a word or whisper of disdain,

I will send a third Trump and a fourth in My Name.   

For this Nation I have established and I heard the plea,

My sheep know My voice and they follow Me. 

As the Children of God shout. ‘Jesus is Lord, and we come in His might!’

The Lion of Judah roars, their voices unite.      

The Woman named White even made the decree.

They thought they could shame her, but she is from Me.

My prophets, My scribes, My Children have warned you.

Speak My Word, My ground shakes before you.  

You whisper 'let's try it again, we can bribe the seat',

yet betrayal is a stench, and for that... I seat three.

My Justice is great, oh when shall you see,

This Table is already prepared before the enemy.   

I have tipped My Cup I anoint their brow;

it is My Word not yours who shall be the Speaker now.

For I am The Lord, Christ Jesus and these...

these are the Children for whom I make free.    

You thought you could scatter and weaken My flock,

yet on Me they rely, and they have come to The Rock.

What you did was not right, in fact it was wrong.

Have I not said, in their weakness I AM made strong?

So now so it is, I stand in your midst,

you thought I wouldn't come, but this I won’t miss.

For I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life,

there is no god before ME, I am One God, The Light.   

I Am The Law and My children decree,

You cannot beseech Me, The Law is of Me. 

You shall not write it, madame or not,

My Truth stands forever, corruption we fought. 

You say that you pray?

Ha! says the Lord, not to me, not this way.

Your corruption exposed, The Light you shall face,

for I am Thy Lord you cannot mock nor disgrace.

Face Me, on this day, bow your knee when you pray,

repent from the darkness and lies that you say. 

For this I shall forgive and darkness be past,

turn back now or be cast.

For My Ways are simple, My burden is light,

come, repent, seek Me, I am The Light.

Should you not speaker the truth and take on this task,

I shall rise up within that House - My decree has Passed. 

My sons and My daughters are Mine and shall cry

 "The Lord is Thy God, our Freedom at last!"   

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“Who shall be President?”

October 25, 2016

    ( God's goodness and glory are coming upon this earth as an arsenal upon the horizon that shall break the neck of the spirit of fear that has been overtaking His children. )

     Come up higher in Me, and hear the Lord your God who speaks the truth. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon my children.  Who has ears to hear the truth of the Lord? Let those who have ears- hear. Let those who have eyes-see.    

     Your elders who speak fear and who doubt My goodness rob the future from My children. No more shall this be, I will silence the doomsayer the naysayer and over and over again will you hear the prophets of the Lord speak into this generation the goodness and mercy of your Lord.*

     For My Glory shall be seen in the eyes and the hands of the children. If the men will not speak My Glory, My women shall. If the mothers of a broken heart do not speak, her children shall. For it shall be spoken! I shall make it so.  

     My daughter, Isaiah 6:1-8* See the Lord before you. Where is your vision oh My children? My Glory shall be seen by those who have eyes to see. 

     You ask who will be the president, I shall answer;  what shall be. It is not who - it is "WHAT" that shall be. The enemy sends the jezebel, but I have sent Elijah, and he shall raise an army of David's in My Name, and THIS is WHAT shall be!   

     For I am the Lord thy God, and no man shall walk before My Glory. For I AM the Great I AM, the Good Shepherd who walks before My children. I breathe My Spirit into man, I breathe My Spirit into man, watch what I shall do. For I am the Holy One of Israel, I am the Christ Jesus who came in the flesh, and I am coming again.

     In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, this shall be your greatest time. This is a time of times where you shall say God bless America, and you shall see My Name upon this nation.  Jesus, the Messiah, our Righteousness, the Name above all names shall bless this nation.   

     Do you hear your Lord this day?

     Go in the peace and love that I have given to you and rejoice.

 *There was a sense of anger toward those who use fear to manipulate the masses of people in this nation. The Lord was 'angered' (angered- what it may look like to us, but I heard the Holy Spirit say "Righteous..Holy..INDIGNATION)by their choice to use fear as a weapon to control and silence people. Jesus was angered that these were political leaders and media leaders who constantly used a weapon of the devil against the people of this nation.  I could see the faces of these political and media puppets on strings with a mouthpiece of wood. They were the mouthpiece of the enemy of mankind.  These political leaders and media leaders used fear and doubt to control and influence. He was not going to have it!  He was going to expose these workers of darkness who were trying to rob from His children. It will happen, they will be exposed by The Light.  Interestingly, in Dec. 2019, I watched Perry Stone speak about the Hebraic meaning of "45" being "What". 


The Sins of the Past: Return of Familiar Spirits 

August 24, 2014

Be strong in this time, keep your eyes on Me.   Pray for the unity of The Holy Spirit in the bond of peace.  Fast and  Pray to overcome the enemy of man who seeks to break your focus in Me, and I will be there, as I always have and you WILL have My peace. 

The Light shines into the darkness and the darkness perceives it not.  Stay in My presence

 I will annihilate the darkness that seeks to destroy you. They, who worship the father of lies and spill the blood are the children of the father of lies. I SHALL CUT THEM OFF, Cut them away, cut them down. Woe to those who come against My children, oh, what you shall see is The Light of the World shining in the darkness, and you My children shall say, 'Jesus, Yeshua, His Name is Wonderful.  Behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.' 

Be My son and daughter that I have made you to be, be ONE in ME, and I will protect you from the darkness that surrounds the sins of the past. 

What is coming is the return of familial spirits.(Luke 11:24-26)  The return of the sins of the past.  The familiar spirits that have sought to destroy you, the familiar spirits that sought to destroy the Nation, come out by fasting and by prayer.  Bring forth this kind, evict this kind by fast and prayer, fast and pray. (Mark 9:29)


One by one they shall fall, every stronghold, every footstool, shall be made as ash before the flames of My Glory.  Watch the magnificence of your Lord, as I release My light upon the darkness.  Do not worry at what you shall see in days to come, but KNOW that I am ever present and I, I save the souls of man with My Great LOVE.  Fall into My peace, fall into My peace and stand fast the Unity of the Holy Spirit in the bond of Peace. (Ephesians 4:3)  

References:  John 1:5, Isaiah 9:6, John 1:16, Lev 17:11, Rev 1:19, Luke 11:24-26 & Mark 9: 29, Ephesians 4:3


     Speak the Gospel of Peace and Watch

August 21,2014


     Speak My word and watch it manifest. Have you not seen all that I have done? Then understand the waiting in the patience I have given you is Me doing what I must to preserve the promise of God, that He, has bestowed upon you.  For the time is short until the release of the ties of the past that come to haunt you. The past seeks to drown your victory in Me. Be assured, for I am your assurance,  that I have made a way for you to take your new life by the hand and walk in Me.  My children, you are as one in My eyes, and the wait is ME, removing the thorns that interfere in My plans for you.  Be strong in this time, keep your eyes on Me and not the noises and chatter of those from the past who seek to hook you and drag you back.  But take what I have given you, your blessings,  your children with you and move forward in Me, and all else is in My hands. Pray for peace, pray with  supplications to overcome the enemy of man who seeks to break your focus in Me, and I will be there, as I always have and you WILL have My peace.

     The darkness does not know My light, nor does it understand My light,  but I remove darkness when I am present.  Stay in My presence and I will be the strong and shining light that conquers the darkness and those who worship it.  Be My son and daughter that I have made you to be, be ONE in ME, and I will protect you from the darkness that surrounds the sins of the past. 

     One by one they shall fall, every stronghold, every footstool, shall be made as ash before the flames of My Glory.  Watch the magnificence of your Lord, as I release My light upon the darkness.  Do not worry at what you shall see in days to come, but KNOW that I am ever present and I, I save the souls of man with My LOVE.  Fall into My peace, fall into My peace.  

  COMMENTARY:   WE are entering a season of greater struggle, chaos and destruction.  The enemy is seeking to return this nation to the sins of its past and bring with it seven more demonic forces worse than the first. This is also an attack of the enemy of mankind on every child of God. (Peacemaker) "Blessed are they that are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." All of God's children, who are created in His image are created to be a Peacemaker. Every one! We need to be on guard. Every sin you have overcome from your past is seeking to return and bring with it seven more spirits worse than the first. Pray 'in the Spirit", put on the full 'armor of God', and proclaim the Gospel of Peace into the atmosphere and the darkness that surrounds you. Do not fear, do not doubt, but KNOW Jesus Christ is King, and He is the Lord to which every knee shall bow.  Do not bow to sin and darkness, but stand firmly rooted in The Word of God, and speak God's Word boldly and in faith. The darkness does not know the light, it perceives it not. God promises us that every footstool of satan will fall and every evil stronghold of the enemy will be brought down by Him and through The Holy Spirit. 

     I believe we are going to see The Holy Spirit in action, and this will be amazing!  I believe we are going to literally witness The Power of the Holy Spirit and get a supernatural glimpse in the natural into the Magnificence of The Power and The Authority of Jesus Christ .  

     WE must stand strong in the Word of God this day. We must be fully dressed in the armor of God for this is spiritual warfare manifesting in the natural. Specifically, God is reminding us that we must be shod in the Gospel of Peace.  The Gospel of Peace brings joy to the soul by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This joy of The Lord, in our souls, as simple as it sounds,emanates from us but it is from Christ, and this Joy that is from Him is very powerful as it exasperates and frustrates the enemy and exposes the enemy.  It puts the enemy in a tailspin, it short circuits itself.  What we will see when we speak the Word, is those who are the children of the father of lies, expose themselves,identify themselves as a child of the father of lies, and they are rendered 'stupid' in that they will give us their plans of attack.  Having the enemy's plan, we will defeat and annihilate the darkness that has come to take over this nation. 

     IF you pay close attention, I think you have already seen the enemy make false accusations against the children of God.  These false accusations are exactly and precisely what the enemy has been doing or is going to do. Don't let the false accusations against the children of God cause fear, but whatever the enemy names, or whatever the enemy divulges in a false accusation, smile in joy, knowing you have dismantled his plan, because now you are pray against that spirit of darkness and watch it be sent back to the enemy 10 fold. SPEAK THE WORDS OF THE GOSPEL. 

My Jerusalem

As you walk by faith you'll surely see,

the path before you lit with lampstands on your way to Me

where I look upon the Solomon rock I built for you

to place your hands and heart this day.

I have given this to you, for My glory, shall never cease, will always be.

Be not jealous nor be timid,

I am with you where e're you go,

Hear my words, my precious loved one,

it is I, your Lord of Heav’ly Hosts.

I am the King of Heaven, yea, and I am the One who is,

always Hear My Word, ‘love’ upon your heart I’wrote,

for My glory always reveals

For I am The Christ, I am JESUS, your savior,

the one who died on Calvary.

I am the Alpha Omega, who leads you through this land.

Lean on me, My Jerusalem, never leaving from My side,

I am all truth, all who seek me, you will find in my righteous name,

I am the truth, the way the life,

and if they wander far from me,

they will perish in their darkness,

yes, I the Lord rescues thee.

Fear no more, for I am with you,

I leave you not, for I am HE,

King of Mercy and of Kindness,

My throne for all eternity.

Is at the gate where He shall come

His humbled land and the waters thereof

Shall be built again upon this threshing floor

My David oh My David you have stood for Me

And I the Lord shall greet you with a smile an open hand

Watch My Jerusalem for it will be upon you soon

Where the water comes forth a’bundantly

It is not the rock upon which you see, for that fortress treads heavy upon this tree

A’round the gate that leads to Me, is My people, My home O Jerusalem

    Jesus speaks of His Jerusalem as if He is showing us where He was and the fondness and love for His home,  Jerusalem. I sometimes get the feeling we don’t have the right location about certain significant places.

I Will Grow My Church : Speak The Word of God

January 29, 2014

     On this day My children, I will enlarge the fields.  I will show you to the fields that I want you to plant My seeds that I have given you. The seeds that I have given you have been stored up in your hearts for this day. Many are the good seeds that I have given to you.  Plant them with great expectations of what I your Christ can do for you, in you, through you.  Expect the harvest to come quickly for on this day I have commanded an acceleration of your blessings of abundance.  I will do all things through My children who know Me and have come to Me.

Amazon Best Seller List

Ranked # 9 Christian Prophecy

on April 6, 2020



Commentary Journal


     There is a wave of prophetic voices across our nation. I see some of them as being truly God's own.  Unfortunately there are also some who 'claim' to be 'a prophet or apostle'  and are practicing witchcraft, a form of divination and operating a psychic parlor inside the church body.  Test the spirits, discern, and strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Pray, study the Word of God and remain obedient to God's commands.

     The Lord is awakening many of us right now and assembling His army of "Davids".  The Offices of the Prophetic,  along with the Watchmen, Scribes and teachers and disciples are being brought into unity (Ephesians 4:11-13) as the sifting and separation as found in (Luke 12:26-48) takes place.  Like a candle burning at both ends,The Holy Spirit will ignite and unite the proofed, tested and truly devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. 

     I implore the good scholars of the Bible to search these messages as I believe are rooted in Ephesians 4:11-13.  These messages are coming to light and there is a ‘joining’ in the Lord.  The Offices of the Lord Christ are being assembled. It is not exclusive to the traditional assembly of religious leaders, seminarians, church elders we see in the organization/business/institution of a church, but it is a network of God anointed and God ordained communicators and humbled servants of the Lord.  I believe this is a now event. Ephesians 4:11-13 (KJV) reads:


And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and to the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

     The recent news of a former Dem. party Congressman switching to the Rep. house, was a significant event. It signified the sifting and sorting of Luke 12:26-48 and the proofing of unity as in Ephesians 4:11-13.  The supernatural significance speaks to the Assembly of The Lord taking ground and Advancing The Kingdom of God.  This little "Elijah cloud' is the sign of the storm to come.  As we pour the Living Water on the sticks and stones they throw at us, we are assuredly preparing for the time where many will turn their hearts to Jesus Christ.  Not only are we going to see a clean sweep in 2020, but we will see the three waves of many confessing to The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and His Lordship and His Sovereignty. 

Note from the upcoming book:  Walking in Jesus: His Sovereignty & His Lordship: The Politic & Religion (c) 2019. 

"The Gargoyles: Perched on the Ledge":

     The three previous political dynasties prior to this admin. are crumbling.  The first gargoyle has already crumbled, the second 'has lost it's footing on the ledge' (the 'shoe in' has lost her shoe) and third will crumble not long after the time of our President's re-election. 



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