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The central focus of all that do is Christian Ministry.  As a licensed and congregationally ordained Pastor, I am purposed in the Great Commission. In 2010 I was called by God to "write" for Him. Since then, I have created websites, composed and published newsletters, books and videos to advance His Kingdom through The Word of God.



I have created, developed and published multiple websites. 

Please view a sampling of my work

at Community Baptist Church and

Walking in Jesus

Computer Screen


One of the main ways to stay connected and continue to reach others with The Good News is through several YouTube Channels. I continue to write, create, and edit videos to post to YouTube  for my small ministry, Walking in Jesus and the ABCNYS Church  where I am a Pastor, Community Baptist

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WE have so many ways to communicate these days. One of the ways I am able to quickly and effectively get a message out is through a PUBLISHED BLOG and EMAILED to subscribers. He is an example of a recent work where I also included interactive forms to increase participation.  

Virtual Team Meeting


As a writer and self published author, I have also helped to format and  publish the works of other Christian Writers.

You may see some of my most recent works on Amazon and Kindle Publishing and where most books are sold.

"From Tragedy to Triumph: Cindy's Story" by Cindy Rogers and "His Company of Prophets" by Kelly Elizabeth Farrell


Public Speaking

As a Pastor I am routinely engaged in public speaking both inside and outside of the Sunday Worship.  I am comfortable and capable composing and delivering informative and intriguing content to any size group. You can view many of these taped Messages addressing both large and small groups HERE and on CBCNYS's  YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

Giving a Speech


Branding is essential to recognition of a central message and message.  A communications person needs to create content that flows withing the brand to maintain the cohesiveness of of the message.  I am a skilled creator and leader on a branding team.

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We can do a whole lot of work, but if we do not effectuate our work, it goes unnoticed, unread, and unwatched. Effective communication of The Good News and The Message takes time and commitment and follow through.  I am able to successfully communicate by understanding analytics, and implementing SEO strategies that bring the desired results. Take a look at a Emailed VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT that was embedded in an email blast which increased viewership, participation and relayed the message to volunteer and serve. 

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