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   Men all accross the world are being called by Jesus.  Their hearts roar for righteousness in Jesus Christ.  These men are defenders of truth who boldly speak of God's great love, mercy, grace and forgivness.


 "The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord GOD has spoken; who can but prophesy?”

The Ethics of The Prophets

The Lion's Heart  

 John E. Farrell (c) 2015 

walking in Jesus Ministry


    We may not be Prophets but we are the Men of God.  We are His Sons and we are His Disciples. The Prophets gave us a course in ethics.  Old Testament Prophets were the messengers of God.  During the eighth century and when the land of Israel was divided, the prophets of God arose to lead the people to repentance, returning to God's covenant relationship.   
     Amos was one of those prophets.  He called the divided nation of Israel and Judah to cease their immoral acts and transgression against God.   “The time is ripe for my people Israel; I will spare them no longer” (Amos 8:2). Amos’ message was immediate and was urgent.  God’s growing anger was cause for repentance, and his children’s disobedience was causing greater separation from the law of Moses.  God was preparing to cast judgment upon his children for breaking the law and deserting the Covenant. “Amos’s prophetic visions helped him understand what God was going to do in Israel.” (Arnold and Beyer, 2008. Encountering the Old Testament, p. 447).  The five judgments that God would send against his children were fire, locust, the plumb line, the ripened fruit basket (fit for judgement) and the inability to run from the Lord.  The most severe of the judgments was to not be able to escape judgment or run from God’s hand.  Though Amos's prophecies from God seemed  harsh, Amos also spoke of God’s great love for his people.   Despite the sins of Israel God would forgive those who sought forgiveness.   

      Men all across the world are being called by Jesus.  Their hearts roar for righteousness in Jesus Christ.  These men are defenders of truth who boldly speak of God's great love, mercy, grace and forgiveness.  "The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord GOD has spoken; who can but prophesy?”
     Amos gave a warning of God’s impending judgment and the people did not heed the prophesies of Amos.  Just like in the days of  Amos, many people have become complacent in their daily lives.   Just like in the days of Amos, many do not feel  that spiritual ruin would overshadow the strength of their Nation. Amos taught us that people who prefer their status over their faith have a hardened heart and turn to religious rituals which were habitual and not from a loving heart responding spontaneously in faith to God.  This angered God then and would anger Him today. God sent Amos to warn them that He would not allow this to go on without judgment.   Amos concluded his prophecies from God with messages of hope and salvation if they would soften their hearts and seek peace and forgiveness with their God.  The Book of Amos concludes in chapter 9, verses 11 through 15 with a prophecy of the Day of the Lord, where Christ shall come back for his children and his mercy shall be his judgment and redemption by the hands of the Savior will save the children of Israel from their ways.  
     These eighth century prophesies by Amos are befitting of the God’s children today.  Even though we live under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, we are to heed the Word of God, follow the commands of Jesus Christ.  Today we still see  the rich oppressing the poor, those who merely engage in habitual ritual of church, lacking the presence of The Holy Spirit.  Corruption and hypocrisy have infiltrated the church.  These things that Amos talked about back then are still seen today.   The prophecies from Amos continue to warn the children of God to repent, turn back to God, seek Christ believing in Him   Amos’ prophecies are just as much a warning today as they were when they were first given.  Amos warns us what will happen if we turn our back and God and follow after our own desires and lusts for earthly things.  He warns us to stay in covenant with God and to seek His presence and seek a loving and intimate relationship with our God.  
     “Many in Israel did not like the prophet’s  preaching.  They responded to god’s Word by rejecting God’s messenger.” (Arnold & Beyer)
          Men all across the world are being called by Jesus.  Their hearts roar for righteousness in Jesus Christ.  These men are defenders of truth who boldly speak of God's great love, mercy, grace and forgiveness.  "The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord GOD has spoken; who can but prophesy?”


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Does God Still Speak to Us Today?


by K. Farrell

April 2014


     God speaks to His children today just as He did in the days of Abraham and Moses.  In fact, we have far less examples from Biblical text of those who heard God speak than we do today.   These “God encounters” as I will refer to them, are more widely accepted in the scientific community than ever before and statistically growing in frequency even among non-believers.  There are many documented cases of children who have not been otherwise exposed to religion, introduced to God or contact with Biblical texts who have shared their divine experience which leaves skeptics confounded.  

     Alongside of the documented and statistical evidence we are able to acquire, there is also a growing fascination with the supernatural, near death experiences, God encounters, and the afterlife.  In fact, there is growing acceptance within the scientific community that God is real and there is increasing types of tangible evidence.   The medical field has a growing awareness and acceptance of God being real based on countless testimony independent of one another yet fascinatingly similar,  If one were to go on an expedition to find someone who had a personal encounter with God, he wouldn’t have to go too far today.  Likely, if he spoke to four people today, he encountered one person who had an experience with God

   An American Anthropologist T.M. Luhrmann* who is a professor at Stanford University, columnist for the NY Times and other publication as well as noted author of “When God Talks Back”, has helped answer the basic questions.  Through her years of research and interviews she describes the phenomenon of hearing God.

   The last several years I have researched this topic to the best of my ability by talking with others who have had this experience and reading numerous books on the subject.  I have compiled hundreds of pages of writing ‘in the Spirit’ which have been confirmed by two experts as genuine artifacts of two way communication with God.  The biggest question is how do we know this is God communicating and how do we confirm it other than to simply say that it is so based on the receiver of God communication or based on one’s testimony that they heard from God.  I believe this is a valid question and it also leads us to further discovery.       

    In order to confirm what a person is receiving is genuine communication from God there are a few fundamental measures that most if not all two way journalers use to secure the contents validity.  First and foremost the message received must line up with the scriptures.  The message must be scripturally sound.  The second measure is to have a second person verify it for being scripturally sound and in accordance with the Bible.  The final test is the test of time and if what God has stated has an effect on the receiver for the benefit and goodness of the person and if it does in fact bring the receiver closer to God and having a God led life that produces goodness.

    There are four keys to hearing the voice of God and being able to transcribe it on paper that I have practiced and used.  I have viewed seminars where this is taught and have witnessed countless people journal with God for the first time.  The amazing words and the profound effect it has had on people is simply overwhelming.  Often the receiver reads his words from God for the first time and can barely get through the first few sentences without being completely emotionally overwhelmed.  Most all describe a unfathomable feeling of great love from God and words that were so unique to them that they state, ‘only God would say that to me’. 

   Although there are many skeptics who would dismiss this encounter with God as being a ‘mind trick’ or a matter of ‘mental positioning’ it has also been claimed that those who do have an intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe have been completely transformed and seen many great things come into their life that they otherwise thought were impossible.

   Hearing the voice of God is not usually an audible experience.  Mostly all journalers describe the communication as a spontaneous flow of thought.    **

   In all my years of journaling I think it is important to mention that God has not directed me to be a millionaire or play the lottery to solve any of my questions or problems.  It is clear to me as a  journaler that God is focusing me on the eternal and with that the temporal navigates itself.  

     What I have seen and experienced with other writers for God is an overwhelming sense of how much God loves us.  There are no words to describe this nor any words to quantify how much or how far God will go to show us His love for us.  Knowing that brings many journalers to the conclusion of what it is to love others as much as ourselves because we are all loved by God. 

     In conclusion there is increasing evidence that God does speak today just as He did yesterday and that it is becoming more widely accepted as being a normal occurrence among Christians and followers of Christ.

   I will end this essay with a brief example of two way communicating with God in a message I received on April 24, 2014.


     " Look to the east and see the sun rising in the morning.  Breathe in the morning air and know that I bring new things to you this day.  What shall you say to Me this day, what is it that is on your heart this day?  Call to Me, tell Me your concerns and I will hear you.  Open the eyes of your heart and see what it is I say to you this day.  For I will lead you by the right hand, I will hold you upright in My Name. 

     There are many ways I speak to you, many ways I speak to all of My children.  I want you to listen and you will see just how often I am in the midst of your everyday. I am the one who constructs the day, sets forthe the things you encounter and with My great love and mercy remind you of who I am.  I care for you.  You are My child.  I am your God. 

 For I am your provider, I am the one who leads My children and I am the one who sets your commissions before you to achieve.   

     For I am the great provider, the great commissioner of those who follow Me. 

Open the eyes of your heart to see what it is I am saying to you.  I am with you always.  I hold every tomorrow in the palm of My hand, come to Me with gladness."






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    Click here for the Book.  


I AM The Way

Discipleship v. Legalism

     Discipleship is what believers are called to as a way of life. As Christians, it is a part of who we are, a part of our personality. We emulate the nature of Christ with a humbled heart. Like Him we are filled with compassion for others. Discipleship is a state of being as a child of God. Yet, every disciple in Christ has felt the rub of legalism. Discipleship is by divine sanctification, legalism is by human justification.

      Sanctification is a divine endowment. A permanent and unlimited resource that a believer can draw from. Human justification is not to be confused with divine justification which is our acquittal from sin based on the cross. Human justification is subjective, corrupt, selfish and void of God’s grace. Legalism and those who portray the personality of a legalist literally have left Jesus in the tomb. They have not engaged in the magnificence of His resurrection.

     So why is legalism the most prevalent and profound spoiler of discipleship? Perhaps a study of the life of Jesus reveals the answers. Paul put it bluntly in Galatians 5:12 when he said of the legalists, "As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!" Jesus referred to the legalists as “hypocrites and fools’. God the Father refers to legalists as ‘wicked’. Salvation= Jesus + nothing. Salvation by good works is human idolatry. Legalists suffer from an identity crisis when they seek their own identity as opposed to our true identity found in Jesus Christ.

     We have seen the effect of legalism working full measure, in extremist groups and radical sects. So how do we inspect our own hearts for legalism, and how do we recognize the enemy at work? I believe it was well summed up by the gifted writer, Greg Stier, Christian Post Guest Columnist, when he pointed out signs of legalism in his March, 2013 article “How to Spot a Legalist”. In summation, "you might be legalistic if: you avoid books like Galatians, Romans and John; falsely accuse the Gospel as a license to sin to justify legalism, inspect the fruit of others as a way to pass judgement, slander grace by saying it is about ’what we do’ as opposed to what Jesus has done."

      Stier goes on to write: “But here's the crazy thing about grace, once you receive it through faith it begins to transform you. Jesus changes your "wanter" and you become a new creation. Sure we can abuse it and, if we're honest, often do. But when we let grace do it's work it "teaches us to say 'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age" (Titus 2:12.).  

     My perspective on Stier's article is that he is pointing to "relationship with Jesus".  This confidence that only Christ can implant into our core is an unrelenting confidence.   

This confidence that only Jesus can give us, transforms us.  We then have an unending well of resource to draw from which translates as an unstoppable force of truth that spells out a life of descipleship in Christ. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth for the Namesake of Jesus.  It is there where we begin to look back and see the effects of human folly which seeks after its own form of truth through legalism.  Legalism is a dim effort to obtain human justification without the inclusion of the Creator of all human life.    


References:  “How to Spot a Legalist”, Steir, Greg, 2013. Christian Post online Magazine as found att.  http:// 


Article by K. Farrell 2015 (c) 


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