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Release date: 

November 11, 2019


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Amazon Best Seller List

Ranked # 9 Christian Prophecy

on April 6, 2020

   The amazing story of the woman called by Jesus in 2010 to “write’ His messages. During the 4th watch she writes the visions she receives and the words The Holy Spirit speaks, and how The Light, will annihilate the darkness that has come to overtake this Nation.  Jesus’ message of truth is the way of survival for those living in a world of corruption, political division and human injustice.  The prophetic writings include God’s warning for the swamp and the church.  Read why God chose Trump, and who is the Trump Successor.

   In “The Bells” & “All Shall Face the Lord”, you will be reassured how nothing can escape The Justice of The Lord.  In “The Blood Shall Speak” God reveals His plan to protect and arm human DNA to withstand the plans of evil against His children. Read why Reagan was called to, “Tear down that wall!”, and why Trump is called to, “Build that wall!”   

     Right now, God is raising a company of prophets in His Name for the spiritual tsunami about to hit the USA. Read how God teaches us to discern the true prophetic from the conspiracy theorist, fake news, and false prophets.  Learn why it is important to separate a prophet’s commentary from God’s messages. Read why The Lord chose unlikely candidates, the outcast and the broken as His ‘company’ for this day.  


Kelly Elizabeth Farrell

This first book of the Walking in Jesus Series: The Prophet, The Prophetic & The Prophecy will lead you into these books to be released in 2020.

  • Walking in Jesus: The Sovereignty and The Lordship, Politics & Religion. Kelly Elizabeth Farrell. Copyright © 2015

  • Walking in Jesus: The Power and The Authority, Courts & Law. Kelly Elizabeth Farrell. Copyright © 2015

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